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CPD for Charidee

What’s the idea?

I come to visit you (or vice versa if it’s easier for you) and deliver a seminar. Anyone attending collects CPD points. In return you make a donation to either FRU or Adoption UK (or, if you want, a little bit to each).

I’m prepared to travel (within reason) throughout the UK (and to Dublin).

What are you prepared to talk about?

Well, UK Employment Law is my strong suit.

Are you … er … how can I put this … dull?

That is not a word that has featured in my recent feedback. Distressingly, “panto” has. I’d likely be a bit like this but with more arm movement.

I already know everything about Employment Law, would you talk to my clients?

Yes, I’m happy to participate in a marketing seminar. I do an infamous talk on giving evidence in tribunal proceedings that has been known to go down well.

How do I contact you?

Either via the comments below or try my clerk: Lucy